Holding up the Sky

Holding up the Sky
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Award winning songwriter & composer Juliana Meyer, writing in a large range of styles and genres, has recently been writing songs for a Major International Artist, as well as music for Hollywood, TV, advertising and media, which have included award-winning documentaries & theatre productions. 

If you would like to commission a song/composition please write to Juliana through the contact page... 
No project is too big or too small. 

Below are some examples from Juliana's music library...  (The widgets may take some time to load)

Symphonic Acoustic Pop Examples

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Electronica Dance Pop Examples

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Instrumental Soundtrack Examples

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"Juliana can certainly write a great song!" Loz Guest, Head of Music, Kerrang Radio

You can also view and listen to these tracks at Soundcloud by clinking the links below:
Symphonic Acoustic Pop Examples:
Electronica Dance Pop Examples:
Instrumental Soundtrack Examples: